Cannabis Culture Tokers Bowl 5, 2005

We need financial assistance to keep the Marijuana Movement alive and strong at the core. Please donate money to our legal aid fund!

Call the BCMP Bookstore:


Send donations to:

307 West Hastings St.
Vancouver BC
V6B 1H6

For more information on the raid, the arrests, and all of the current news on the situation, please visit the Cannabis Culture Forums.

Thank you for everyone's love, support, and patronage! We need you now more than ever!

Jodie Giesz-Ramsay
Cannabis Culture Magazine

Tokers Bowl is officially cancelled.

What happened?

On July 29th at 10:30am, the Vancouver Police Department, acting under US authority, carried out a search and seizure at the BC Marijuana Party Bookstore, the headquarters of the Canadian marijuana movement. The store also hosted the Tokers Bowl, Pot-TV, the BC Marijuana Party, and Emery Seeds.

The U.S. raid has destroyed our ability to hold any future Tokers Bowls, and has terminated the regular financial aid that Marc Emery gave for years to others in the struggle against the War on Drugs.

Marc Emery, Marijuana Man (Greg Williams) and Michelle Rainey need your help. The US is seeking to extradite them to America to face serious charges that could render Marc Emery in US prison for life. These are Canadian citizens living and operating on Canadian soil, who have never been to America. Our country's sovereignty has been threatened by this invasion.

Marc Emery has given from himself everything he ever earned. He began Emery Seeds Direct in 1994 to fund the marijuana revolution. Now is the time to give back. If you have ever been to Tokers Bowl and have enjoyed the magic of such a wonderful event, or if you have ever been a customer of Marc Emery or any of his associated businesses, PLEASE offer what you can. We are in DIRE NEED of help. Marc Emery and Michelle Rainey kept at least 40 individuals (and their families) employed, and now we are all suffering from the loss of this amazing organization's leaders.