Cannabis Culture Tokers Bowl 2002

Tokers' Bowl 1 Rankings

#1 (L) Burmese, strain by Mighty Mite Seed Company, Jordan of the Islands, 3.979/5.0
This is the Burmese used throughout Vancouver Island Seed Co and Mighty Mite Seed Co. strains where Burmese is indicated.
#2 (V) Renee, strain a local cutting, Linc, 3.957/5.0
#3 (X) Renee, strain a local cutting, Fresh Headies, 3.92/5.0
#4 (Z) Blue God, Blueberry (DJ Short) x Purple Skunk (Mighty Mite Seed Co.), Jordan of the Islands, 3.81/5.0
#5 (S) Purple Skunk, strain from Mighty Mite seed Company, Jordan of the Islands, 3.73 of out 5
#6 (W) Verde Illuminoso, strain from High Voltage, High Voltage, 3.6/5.0
#7 (K) Kemo, strain by Jordan of the Islands, Jordan of the Islands, 3.57/10
#8 (T) Dutch Treat, strain by and East Island Seed Co., 3.55/5.0
#9 (G) Skunk x White Rhino, 'Something Special', 3.52/5.0
#10 (K) Juicy Fuck, the Sunshine Coast Compassion Club, 3.5/5.0
#11 (B) Afghani, Big Bud Chuck, of 3.36/5.0
#12 (Y) Blue Chemo, strain by Jordan, Jordan of the Islands, 3.34/5.0
#13 (H) Blueberry x Real McCoy, strain by and Irish Rose, 3.28
#14 (C) Blue Afghani, strain by and Jordan of the Islands, 3.2
#15 (I) Blueberry, grown by Irish Rose, 3.17
#16 (A) Blueberry x Mr. Nice, Irish Rose Seed Co., 3.14
#17 (R) Goliath, Jordan of the Islands, 3.087
#18 (N) Hawaiian x Pineapple, 3.08
#19 (F) Sugar Shack, Prairie Pride, 3.03
#20 (D) Dutch Treat, Jordan of the Islands, 3/5.0
#21 (M) K-2, Murray of Surrey, 3/5.0
#22 (E) Hashplant, 2.96/5.0
#23 (U) Texada Timewarp outdoor, 2.938/5.0
#24 (O) T'Poi, Enterprise, 2.56/5.0

Tokers' Bowl - 2002

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Follow the links below to find out what happened at the first Cannabis Culture Tokers' Bowl in May, 2002. Witness the endless food, the endless buds, the Cannabis Cruiseship, the Phat Film Fest, the bellydancers, the bong-hitting contest, the Arabian Nights, the naked girls and twenty-four strains of fabulous BC Bud!

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