Cannabis Culture Tokers Bowl 2, 2003

Tokers' Bowl 2 Rankings

#1, (H) 353 points, Renee, the Fresh Headies
#2, (Q) 348 points, Great White Shark (Serious) Lizard
#3, (G) 331 points, Blueberry (DJ Short), PW
#4, (P) 305 points, Hashplant (MMSC) MMSC
#5, (M) 303 points, Burmese x Fuckin' Incredible (VISC), PW
#6, (X) 301 points, NL x Blueberry, (BCSC) BCSC
#7, (E) 299 points, Waddy (High Voltage), High Voltage
#8, (F) 296 points, Blue God (Jordan), Jordan
#9, (J) 295 points, Sticky Bud (Mik M), Mik M
#10, (R) 294 points, Mighty Mite x Dutch Treat (MMSC) MMSC
#11, (D) 293 points, Great White Shark (Serious), Salty Springs
#12, (B) 291 points, Ultimate Indica (Legends), Legends
#13, (S) 288 points, Sweet Tooth (Legends), Legends
#14, (V) 286 points, Jamaican Sugar
#15, (T) 284 points, Purple Skunk (MMSC), MMSC
#16, (A) 277 points, Dutch Treat (Jordan), Jordan
#17, (Y) 276 points, Champagne
#18, (C) 273 points, Shishkeberry (Spice of Life) PW
#19, (I) 263 points, Shishkeberry x Honey Pot Kush (CCK), PW
#20, (K) 261 points, 5-O (BCSC), BCSC
#21, (O) 261 points, Blue Truck, Fresh Headies
#22, (L) 260 points, Chronic (Serious) PW
#23, (N) 230 points, Pure Thai, PW

Tokers' Bowl 2 - 2003

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